Saturday, July 26, 2008

this is madnes!!!!!!! i'm already tired..

she called me last night, and she cried..loudly..until i cant understand what actually she wanted to say...i got her word then i also cried..why she did it?! why she never ask 1st?! why?why? and why????

what i`m going to explain to him? what if he dont wanna trust me? what should i do? why she ruined everything?? why cant she think like an older?

i`m tired..really very tired..exhausted..feel like i want to drink a bottle of bleach ..but i`m thinking of the hell that waiting for me..

i love her...and i also love him...

but..what should i do????they are my parents...

Friday, July 25, 2008


dua hari lepas aku demam..sekarang ni tinggal selsema je..huhutp lemas gak la bile hidung tersumbat..sekarang ni memang ramai yang demam..aku p klinik pun ramai yang demam, batuk, selsema..aku demam panas je..doktor kate takut kene denggi so kene buat blood aku pon buat la..kesan lebam pon belum hilang lagi..lepas tu amik keputusan ujian darah..alhamdulillah bebas aku rase kalau nyamuk nak gigit aku pon pk banyak kali kot sebab darah aku masin sangat..hahaha..

i have a lot of work to do this weekend. my brother ask me to go back to my hometown to visit my grandma because she is not in a good condition. but i dont want to go because so many thing i have to prepare to answer my relatives question especially my uncle..he will ask me about my result and i dont like tht..and the most important thing is, my grandma will ask about my father.. and the story of my father i will tell u later because it is not a good story and may be i will write it with tears..huhu..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

salam 1st post...

Sebenarnya ini adalah blog aku yang ketiga. Lagi dua blog terawal tu dah hilang entah kemana kerana aku tak meng'updet'nya dah berapa abad, jadi ia hilang begitu sahaja.
Tujuan aku membina lagi blog ini adalah kerana tujuan akademik yang menggalakkan kami ber'blog' walaupun aku seorang yang malas nak meng'updet' blog (sebab tu muncul blog ketiga). Jadi aku harap blog ini kekal lama dan doakan supaya aku rajin meng'updet' blog aku ni (tu pon kalau ada yang teringin nak baca). This blog also to practising my english actually. so you guys who read my blog and notices any mistake of grammar or information are allowed to give any comment taht can help me to improve my english for my future life..huhu.. and this blog also for me to tell anything and 'kutuk' any people yang mencemar otak and fikiran. So anybody who not interested in those thing just leave. If you want to leave a comment you are allowed to do so.